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Freedomscope is the next standard of care for medical professionals and will become the stethoscope of choice for a new generation of doctors, nurses, paramedics, EMT's and other health care personnel.


Our wireless Bluetooth stethoscope will be the centerpointe of every telemedicine system, providing connectivity betweeen patients and providers, regardless of the distance between them.


Along with regular use in hospitals, doctors offices and ambulance crews, Freedomscope will play a role in our "First Responder Teams".  These health care personnel who respond to attacks on our homeland may deal with biological, chemical or nuclear contamination and will wear HazMat suits. They will use Freedomscope to evaluate and triage the injured, reducing their exposure to toxic agents.


Freedomscope's Bluetooth connectivity will help professionals with hearing disabilities, as well as, allow anesthesia providers to wirelessly listen to their patients during surgery.


Learn more about Freedomscope and the "future of auscultation" in the presentation below.


Freedom Scope Bluetooth Wireless Stethoscope Powerpoint Slides


Physicians, Paramedics, and Anesthesiologists; Continuous Wireless Auscultation under Anesthesia

Hearing Disabled, Health Care Provider, WTC, Nuclear Provider

Response Team, Bird Flu, History


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